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1. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Fursov S.A., Kirov A.V.]
Configuration management as a component of the life cycle management system
2. Klyuchnikov A.V. Verification of dynamic balancing stand accuracy
3. Murodyants D.
[Litvinov O.]
The possibility of using neural network algorithms for interference supression in the AAA
4. Alekseyev A.S.
[ V.V. Prikhodko, S.G. Novikov, A.V. Berintsev, A.I. Somov]
RFID-based information system for monitoring personal radiation doses
5. Ananyevski A.A.
[Timonina O.D, Bulakh D.A.]
Development of an academic cloud service for designing digital integrated circuits
6. Arkhipova A.E. Electronic device for recording changes in geometric parameters during gas forming process
7. Aseeva S.D.
[Aseeva E.N., Avdeyuk O.A., Marchuk D.V.]
Methods of assessing the activity of a university professor
8. Avdeuk O. A.
[Druzhinina L. V., Lemeskina I. G., Pavlova E. S., Prikhodkova I. V., Koroleva I. Yu.]
The algorithm of preparing students to participate in olympiads in informatics
9. Bardin V.A.
[Vasil`ev, Artemov I.I., V. A., Chernov, P. S., Tsarev P.S.]
Information-measuring and control systems using piezoelectric actuators and motors
10. Batarueva E.I Estimation of the delay time measurement error in the reduced models of LSI interconnects
11. Bermúdez Soto J.G. Approbation and results of experimental studies of the method of texts segmentation and semantic comparison
12. Bogodistova E.S.
[Telnov G.G.]
Interactive experiments with optical disc drive and estimating recording density
13. Boroznin S.V.
[Zaporotskova I.V., Boroznina N.P., Zaporotskov P.A.]
Computer modeling of the hydrogenation process for boron containing nanotube
14. Boroznina N.P.
[Boroznin S.V., Zaporotskova I.V., Zaporotskov P.A.]
Vacancy transport properties in boron-carbon BC3 nanotybes
15. Bulakh D.A.
[Lapin A.V., Pozdnyakov V.A.]
Adoptation of the Petri nets algorithm as the basis for simulation of behavioral description of digital circuits
16. Bushmeleva K.I.
[Uvaysova А.S., Bushmelev P.E., Uvaysov S.U.]
Method of detection of methane leaks inclined laser beam with the aircraft in the monitoring of the pipeline
17. Cherednichenko I.N.
[Sotnikov A. N.]
The application of auto-adaptive fonts theory for modeling the defects of text scans
18. Chernodarov A.V. Identification and an inverse problem of adaptive filtering
19. Chernyshov N.N.
[A.V. Belousov, I.V. Rogozin, M.A.F. Alkhawaldeh*]
Using physical processes in semiconductor material for photoelectric energy conversion in the educational pro-cess of electric power specialties
20. Drize A.D.
[Klimov K.N.]
EM simulation of the dish antenna using program complex ANSYS HFSS
21. Druzhinina L.V. Analysis of errors in the process of using neural networks to normalize signals
22. Efashkin I. G. Classification and cost-effectiveness of educational quality assestment systems
23. Elbakyan A.S. Specific features of the educational system in additional educational institutions in the Russian Federation
24. Elbakyan L.S.
[Zaporotskova I.V.]
Modeling of processes in the creation of new polymer composites based on ternary copolymer of methylmethacrylate, butylmethacrylate and methacrylic acid doped by carbon nanotubes
25. Eliseeva E.N. Digitalization of Russian companies accounting management
26. Emanakov I.V. Lean production – assessment of implementation effect
27. Ermakov A.S.
[Gvozdarev R.S., Andreev I.V., Ionov K.S.]
Researching of possibility of additive technologies applying within modern microwave technique production
28. Filatov S.E. Development of automated production process control system of superhigh frequency modules of knowledge-intensive radar station
29. Gadjimetov A.A. New technologies for manufacturing arms and their legal estimation
30. Gasanbekova Z.A.
[Aliev S.A., Meshcheryakova L.A., Gasanguseynova Zh.A., Isaeva Z.U.]
Errors in diagnosis of malignant trophoblastic tumors
31. Glukhov P.A.
[Uvaysov S.U.]
Miniaturization of typical radioelectronic functional units for the space vehicles
32. Godin A.S. The usage of impedance-matched material for increasing antenna emitters wavelength
33. Grachev N.N.
[Safonov S.N.]
Investigation of behavior of variable contact in the process of education and distribution of contact radio transmissions
34. Grigor'ev A.V.
[Bannov V.Ya., Zhumashev N.G., Chuvashlev K.A., Chibrikov A.A.]
Research of projection of the vector of vibration movement of the object plane
35. Grigor'ev A.V.
[Trusov V.A., Naumova I.Yu., Fomin M.V., Druzhinin N.Yu.]
Research of geometrical parameters of blur of the image of the round tag at her reciprocating vibration movement
36. Gritsenko Yu.B.
[Meshcheryakov R.V., Putova R.E. ]
Rationale for selecting the type of control system for underwater production with the use of the coast station
37. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Grodzenskiy Ya.S., Korshunov M.S.]
The taylor system, lean production and agile manufacturing
38. Grodzenskiy Ya.S.
[Fursov S.A., Kirov A.V.]
Quality management system: history, problems and perspective
39. Grodzensky Ya.S.
[Chesalin A.N., Kozyar T.I.]
Statistical analysis of traffic in intrusion detection systems
40. Guzhov V.I.
[Ilinykh S.P.]
Removing the influence of nonlinear distortions in the methods using phase shift interferometry
41. Isayeva Z.U.
[Shahsinova R.N., Gasanbekova Z.M.]
Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of cervix precancerous conditions
42. Ismagilov F.R.
[Vavilov V.Ye, Ayguzina, V.V. Khabirova, Ya.F.]
Design technologies of the high-speed electrical machines with the stator core made of amorphous magnetic material
43. Izmaylov A.A. Miniaturized satellite antenna using artificial magnetic conductors (AMC) of VHF band
44. Katasonova G.R.
[Sotnikov A.D.]
About the training of academic bachelors in period of educational standards modernization
45. Katueva Y.V.
[Belinskaya M.A., Borimova A.A.]
Innovative technologies for preservation of unique library collections
46. Khairetdinov M.S.
[Voskoboinikova G.V.]
Information computational technology in problem of geophysical monitoring
47. Khalyutina O.S.
[Khar’kov V.P.]
Parametric identification of dynamical systems in problems of optimal control
48. Kirichenko A. A. Neural network programming is a tool for creating artificial cognitive systems
49. Klimov K.N. Distribution system for multi-beam active phased array antennas
50. Konov K.I.
[Klimov K.N., Drize A.D.]
Extraordinary wave in a magnetized plasma numerical simulation for objects moving with hypersonic velocities
51. Kozlovsky I. B.
[Malafeev A.V., Kolesnikov, S. M.]
Simulation of stripline antennas for mobile communication systems
52. Kravets A.G.
[Karev V.A.]
Investigation of attacks methods on information systems
53. Kruglov A.I.
[Godin A.S., Klimov K.N.]
Numerical electrodynamics modeling RCS electrical dipole with huygens cube feeding using impedance matched material
54. Kuzyakov B.A. Combined optical system of information transfer with the use of the angular orbital momentum of photons
55. Larina T.B.
[Shabanov D.V.]
The complex database for the organization of educational procces of department
56. Litvinov А.N.
[Akimov А.А.]
Vibration resistance analysis of contact systems in vacuum switching devices
57. Loskutov I.A. "Causes for protracted production of equipment for nuclear power plants"
58. Luzgin S.N. Wikistory - a people's history
59. Makarova I.V.
[Shubenkova K.A., Bagateeva A.O., Mukhametdinov E.M., Mavrin V.G.]
Digitalization of society – new challenges to the engineering education system
60. Martynov V.V.
[Ilyasov B.G., Makarova E.A., Zakieva E.Sh., Gabdullina E.R. ]
Intellectual analysis of regional data in the sphere of education, labor, innovation: the application of the principal components method
61. Martynov V.V.
[Filosova E.I., Shiryaev O.V., Zakieva E.Sh. ]
Management of educational programs that take into account requirements of employers
62. Medzhidova D. R.
[Omarov N. S.-M., Shifman E. M.]
Maintaining perioperative period in cesarean section in modern obstetrics
63. Mirkina O.N. Innovative approaches to the formation of distribution policy at machine-biulding enterprises
64. Mishchenkova A.I.
[Krasnikov S.A., Nikolaeva S.V.]
Self-reactance methods of evaluation of values of indexes of functionally-technological properties of liquid environments
65. Monakhova K. V.
[Kesov Y.V.]
Prospects of development of ground robotic engineering complexes for military purpose
66. Mudrakova O.A. Information technologies as a factor in the formation of the information culture of pupils
67. Mukha Yu.P.
[Avdeuk O.A., Koroleva I.Yu.]
Metrological estimation of the measurement error in the structural and analytical design of complex measurement systems
68. Murashkina T.I.
[Istomina T. V., Slavkin I.E., Chukareva M.M., Badeevа E.A., Motin A.V. ]
Intellectual measuring system based of fiber optic sensors
69. Naumov V.J.
[Goloshubova O. M., Avdeuk O.A.]
Using AR-technologies in the contemporary educational process
70. Nazarov D.A. Parallel algorithm of inscribing figures into acceptability region
71. Nefedov, V. I.
[Dementiev A. N., Trefilov, N..A.]
Application of methods of systems analysis for problems of electromagnetic compatibility of the spacecraft
72. Nekrasov H.A.
[Romanova I.I.]
Hardware-software approach for control of computer networks
73. Nurmagomedova S.S.
[Omarova P.M., Omarov N.S.-M, AlievaA.Z.]
Peculiarities of diagnostics and treatment of the ovarian polycystic syndrome in adolescents
74. Omarov Z.A. Mathematical model development of a gestational complications risk in multiparous
75. Osipov A.L.
[Trushina V.P. ]
Computer system for constructing the function of efficiency
76. Palaguta K.A.
[Alexeev A.A.]
The use of genetic algoritms for calculating the trajectory of the obstacle detour
77. Palaguta K.A.
[Lvov N.Yu, Lvovskiy T.A.]
Automation of fatigue vibration testing at high temperatures
78. Palaguta K.A.
[Link I.P.]
Analysis of interfaces for the interaction of vehicles with each other and with the infrastructure
79. Panin V.A.
[Privalov A.N., Bogatyreva Yu.I.]
Optimization of the software of the experimental stand for the evaluation of the stress-strain state of the product obtained using additive technologies
80. Pavlovskaya M.A.
[Aydarkin E.K. ]
Educational technologies for improving of assessment efficiency
81. Pestryaeva S. Communicative approach to studying english text with the use of ICT
82. Pestryaeva S. Communicative approach to studying english text with the use of ICT
83. Polyakov V.S.
[Avdeuk O.A., Naumov V.Yu., Pavlova E.S., Skvortsov M.G. ]
Representation of algorithms in matrix-predicate form for solving the problem of synthesis of information-measuring systems
84. Popov F.A.
[Anufrieva N.Y., Selivanova D.A.]
Interface-based computer-aided design of multi-component food products
85. Privalov А.N.
[Bogatireva J.I.]
Speaking about the designing and creating a portal "Young scientists of the Tula region"
86. Pshenichkin A.S. Principles of design of solid-state transmitters with effective summation of powers of each amplifiers
87. Reykhert N.V. Introduction of innovations in the banking sector
88. Rozaliev V.L.
[A.V. Razheva, Y.A. Orlova]
Modern eye tracking research and technology
89. Rozaliev V.L.
[A.D. Ulyev, A.V. Alekseev]
Automated recognition advisers on video
90. Rozaliev V.L.
[O.S. Gusynin, Y.A. Orlova]
Human emotion recognition in real time
91. Rychkov E.N.
[Pirogov Yu. A.]
The 5G communication system algorithms modelling for the usage in robotics and internet of things
92. Safonova I.E. The propagation model of gravitational waves in curved space-time
93. Safonova I.E.
[ Sudnishnikova S.I.]
Training program on methods of presentation of data in various types of computers
94. Schneider A.D.
[Mikhryachev D.A., Filchikov R.S., Nadyrbekov G.Zh., Lysenko A.V. ]
Node of voltage and indication stabilization for electronics electronics unit EP20
95. Sekachev V.A.
[Mucha Y.P., Avdeuyk O.A.]
Current problems in case of creation of algorithms of recognition of basic electric circuits
96. Selena K. A.
[Trefilov N.A.]
Modeling cameras microwave heating tunnel type
97. Shikhnabieva E.D. Estimation of clinical efficiency of complex therapy of chronic generalized periodontitis with using ozonized thrombocyte autoplazm
98. Shmeleva N. Digital Economy: concepts, trends and visions
99. Sidorova E.Yu. Creation of conditions and backgrounds necessary for the production of science-intensiveproducts in applied scientific institutions
100. Skripkin K.G.
[Lugachov M.I.]
Understanding information revolution
101. Sotnikov A.D.
[Katasonova G.R. ]
The higher education system in «Digital economy»
102. Sotnikov A.D.
[Katasonova G.R.]
Structural-functional organization of telemedicine services in applied infocommunication systems
103. Stasyshin V.M.
[Pepelyaeva M.A.]
Estimation of computational performance for VDI private cloud
104. Sudorgin S.A.
[Lebedev N.G.]
Differential thermopower carbon nanostructures in an external electric field
105. Suleimanova N.D.
[Kharkhachaeva S.M.]
fficiency of target treatment with promysan preparation in women with i degree cervical intraepitelial neoplasia
106. Tarasova I.A.
[Simonov A.B., Sivolobova M.D., Avdeyuk O.A.]
Mathematical justification of investing money in different groups of goods in conditions of growing inflation
107. Tikhomirov N.P. Developing strategies for overcoming depopulation in Russia
108. Tikhomirova T.M. Statistical methods of premature mortality estimation in Russia
109. Trushina V.P.
[Osipov A.L.]
Information technology forecasting of danger classes on mobile devices
110. Utkin B.V.
[Anishin M.N., Gazitov S.R.]
The mathematical model of generalized electric machine for stepper motor
111. Vasil’ev V.A.
[Surovtsev D.A., Smirnov I.I., Chernov P.S.]
The world market and technological variety of vibroacceleration sensors and transducers
112. Voskoboynikova G.M.
[Khairetdinov M.S. ]
Simulation of interaction of acoustic oscillations with forest
113. Yurkova E.M.
[Kuzina E.A.]
Project management in modern economics
114. Zaporotskova I.V.
[Boroznina N.P., Boroznin S.V., Zaporotskov P.A.]
On the possibility of creating sensors based on surface-carboxylated boron-carbon nanotubes: computer modeling
115. Zayarny V. P.
[Nefyodov E.I., Parpula S. A., Ponomarev I. N.]
Features of electrodynamic characteristics of the symmetric slots on the conductive half-plane in the microwave region
116. Zhadnov V.V. Model of electronic components failures for use in simulation