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1. Ivanov V.S.
[Andreev I.S., Gladkiy D.A.]
Development and testing of the laser system case for monitoring deformations in long buildings and bridges
2. Akhmetshin A. I. Influence of perforation on the temperature regime of the block
3. Aminev D.A.
[Goryunov E.M.]
Analysis of the CDFP MSA connected transceiver standard for high speed telecommunications
4. Aminev D.A.
[Golovinov E.Je. , Kasparyan A.M.]
Communication system for monitoring agrometeo parameters
5. Andreev I.S.
[Gladkiy D.A., Ivanov V.S., Chernoverskaya V.V.]
Features of space equipment for sensing the earth's surface
6. Andriyanov N.A.
[Andriyanov D.A.]
Application of factor and cluster analysis methods to assess the effectiveness of the scientific research
7. Andryukhin A.G.
[Grachev N.N., Boyko D. V.]
Portable gamma radiation detector
8. Andryukhin A.G.
[Grachev N.N., Lvov N.S.]
Local computer network data protection device with voice warning of unauthorized access
9. Antropov V.V.
[Goryachev P.K..]
Implementation of reception of broadband communication systems with correlators and matched filters
10. Barkov S. S.
[Ovchinnikov S. A.]
Intelligence decision support systems under the knowledge-based projects management
11. Baukov D.A. Aerodrome coating quality control device
12. Baykov A.A.
[Chernoverskaya V.V.]
Development of a control system for a hydroponic plant
13. Belyakova E.
[Volkov M. ]
Text Recognition from Video Recordings
14. Burykin I.G.
[Glavatsky S.T.]
Teaching the fundamental bases of artificial intelligence as the implementation of the concept of new scientific knowledge
15. Chernoverskaya V.V.
[Glukhov P.A., Uvaysov S.U.]
Thermal regimes investigation of 3D printed units of electronic devices
16. Chernyshov N.N.
[Belousov A.V.]
Microprocessor control of the optimized charge of storage batteries for a solar power plant on Si-photo-electric converters
17. Dimitrieva E. A.
[Bushmeleva K. I., Uvaysov S. U.]
Method and means of optimizing the layout of elements in electronic media
18. Emanakov I. V.
[Tarasov A.P.]
Development of the production system of a machine-building company based on the application of lean production
19. Emelyanov I.A. Probability of failure-free operation of diode assemblies in the control unit of microwave signals parameters
20. Gorozhankina A. S. Creation of electronical model of the product for the design of rocket and space technology products
21. Ignatev A.I.
[Volkova L.L.]
On equipping F-2 the affective robot with tactile sensors
22. Katasonova G.R.
[Shkrum A.S. ]
Digital environment of the university
23. Katasonova G.R.
[ Shkrum A.S. ]
Electronic educational resources for student dentists
24. Kirov A.V. Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the product quality management system at the stages of the life cycle
25. Kondrashova O.P.
[Volkova L.L.]
Towards a method for determining signs of author style for texts in Russian
26. Kopylova O.A.
[Khairetdinov M.S. ]
Geoecological risks of technogenic noise at low frequencies
27. Kulikova N.N.
[Rudoman N.R., Polovodov Yu.A.]
Development of a software prototype of the professional skills testing for engineering students
28. Kurkin A.N.
[Nikolenko M.V., Fedorov T.A., Korolev D.A.]
Multifunctional mobile application "MIEMAPP"
29. Kursitys I.O.
[Kureichik V.V., Kuliev E.V., Ignatyeva S.V.]
Solving the problem of two-dimensional packing based on the wolf pack algorithm
30. Kurysheva M.D.
[V.V.Rybnikova, A.M.Safronov, D.A.Korolev]
Development of a Google documents workbook
31. Larina T.B. Software system for student knowledge control
32. Lavrova A. A.
[Zorina D. A., Volkova L. L.]
Method of document classification by full-text payment description in Russian
33. Mareeva E.V.
[Gorbokonenko P.A., Khodorovich V.G., Pevtsov E.Ph.]
Control device for silicon pixel detectors array
34. Medennikov V.I.
[Flerov Y.A.]
Analysis of software for the development of sites of scientific agrarian organizations
35. Medennikov V.I.
[Flerov Y.A.]
Influence of the software for the development of sites of agrarian universities on the integration processes of forming a unified educational environment
36. Menshikova D.F.
[Raevsky G.P.]
Construction of the printing unit for control and control of the laser gyroscope unit
37. Mikhalaki E.A. Transceiver module for digital active phased array antenna
38. Mikryukov A.A. Cognitive model for forecasting university positions in international ratings
39. Nikitin V.I.,
[Dronov Y.V.]
Development and analysis of a method for increasing the security of hardware and software of industrial facilities operating on the basis of lans of various hierarchical structures
40. Osipov A.L.
[Trushina V.P.]
Information technologies in population forecasting
41. Pinigina D.L.
[Kopylova O.A., Khairetdinov M.S.]
Geoinformational technology for estimating the velocity characteristics of the medium
42. Raevskiy G.P.
[Sokolan P.I., Khadzhiyskaya E. I.]
Construction of a strength model of a strapdown inertial block of a space orbiter
43. Rogov A.A. Analysis the result of deconvolution of a distorted audio signal
44. Romanov V.A. On the development of software with a graphical interface that simulates the assembly of the constructor
45. Ryashentsev S.A. Control device for automatic fire extinguishing in ground public transport
46. Smirnova T.V.
[Bulakh D.A.]
Experience in application of internet technologies for remote work on school scientific projects in the context of University-To-School interaction
47. Sotnikov A.D.
[Solomko Y.S., Katasonova G.R.]
Analysis of polymodal interaction in applied infocommunication systems
48. Tikhomirova T.M.
[Solovieva E.V.]
Retail segment of the Russian pharmaceutical market development trends
49. Utkin B.V.
[Grachev N.N., Matveev V.E.]
The assessment of the impact of contact radio interference on a communication radio engineering system
50. Valiullov M.A.
[Andryukhin A.G]
Portable hardware and software device for automated control of the integrity of cable products
51. Volkov D.A. Studying the issue of combating the decline in cognitive functions by controlling the parameters of the microclimate
52. Zhadnov V.V. Evaluation of the dependability indicators of the restored equipment by the simulation method
53. Zhamangarin Dusmat
[Smailov Nurzhigit, Dushayeva Tursyngul, Urazova Gulnaz, Izteleuova Gulzada ]
Intelligent adaptation of traffic light controllers