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1. Boroznina N.P.
[Zaporotskova I.V., Boroznin S.V., Zaporotskov P.A. ]
Carbon nanotubes as elements of sensor devises
2. Zautashvili D.B.
[Bardavelidze A.H. , Karkashadze M.J.]
Evaluation of municipal e-government readiness
3. Abidova M.Sh.
[Maksudova F.M.]
The system and knowledge base development of electronic intelligent lawyer
4. Abramyan G.V.
[Katasonova G.R.]
Preparation of applied and academic bachelors in the conditions of modernization of educational standards
5. Badeeva E.A.
[Murashkina T.I., Brostilova T.Yu., Hasanshina N.A.]
Structural models and designs of fiber and optical sensors of pressure of reflective type
6. Beloglazova L.B.
[Beloglazov A.A., Istomin V.B., Istomina T.V., Perepelkina U.V., Trubacheev E.V.]
Application of information technologies for the organization of joint training of persons with various health restrictions
7. Bogatyreva Yu.I.
[Privalov A.N.]
Modeling a safe information and educational environment of a university in the context of modern challenges and threats
8. Boroznin S.V.
[Zaporotskova I.V., Boroznina N.P., Zaporotskov P.A.]
Hydrogenatio of carbon nanotubes with boron impurities
9. Dianov V. N. Failure resistance of the optical-electronic complex in the transformation of "light-signal"
10. Egorov I.S. Usage of cals-technologies in radio-electronic products
11. Egorov I.S. Improving the efficiency of the enterprise by CALS-technology application
12. Fedoseev S.V. Improvement of technologies for legal information processing
13. Fursaev I.D. The structure of automated system for monitoring and maintaining physical parameters in greenhouse
14. Gabets D.А.
[Gabets А.V., Маrkov А.М., Chertovskikh E.O. ]
Analysis of the impact of complex modifiers on the structure and mechanical properties of cast iron CHMN-35 M
15. Gorshkov P.S.
[Lyaluk I.N., Grigoryev D.V.]
Conceptual layout of an automated system for monitoring of intellectual property rights violations
16. Grigorev A.V.
[Yurkov N.K., Trusov V.A., Naumova I.Ju., Goryachev N.V.]
Study of footing of a round-bridge image at its static and dynamic movements
17. Grigorev A.V.
[Kochegarov I.I., Danilova E.A., Brostilov S.A. Chibrikov A.A.]
Increase of radius of image of round marking as measuring signal of vibration movement
18. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Pham Van Tu]
Using the quality function deployment tool to improve the car dashboard
19. Grodzenskiy Y.
[Loskutov I.]
Modification of technological process at the enterprise that developing of equipment for nuclear power plants
20. Grodzenskiy Ya.S.
[Dyuzhakova O.V., Potashov I.S., Raevich I.A. ]
About the quality of the procurement of components
21. Grodzensky Ya.S.
[ Fursov S.A.]
Industrial internet of things - prospective direction of automation of QMS elementation
22. Kadyrkulova Zhainagul Information technology in the socio-economic sphere (Philosophical analysis)
23. Kapalin V.I. Nonparametric identification of linear systems with MATLAB and Octave
24. Kapitanov A.V.
[Egorov S.B.]
The research and development center – new model of engineering vocational guidance
25. Katasonova G.R.
[Sotnikov A.D.]
Educational models of formation of «Digital competence»
26. Katasonova G.R. System of formation of the content of training students with the use of information technologies
27. Kharkov V.P. One approach to the identification of dynamic systems
28. Kirov A.V.
[Grodzinski S. Y.]
Application of integrated logistic support in the information management of the product life cycle
29. Kondratieva M.N.
[Rogova T.N., Balandina E.V.]
The innovative potential of regional entrepreneurship in the transition to a digital economy
30. Kostousov S.A.
[Simonova I.V.]
Visual modeling on programming lessons with elements of problem solving in the High school
31. Kupriyanov A.A.
[Kokorin I.G., Kupriyanova T.V., Prokoshev V.G.]
Using information technology to automate the financial activities of the university
32. Larina T.B.
[Gavrikova E.O.]
Analysis of development tools of electronic educational resources
33. Loskutov I.A. The basic equation for calculating the time spent on the modified installation of power and control equipment for nuclear power plants
34. Mikryukov A. Improved quality of solving the classification problems on the basis of neural network committees
35. Milkina E. Trends and problems of the industrial health and safety in Russia
36. Mishchenkova A.I.
[Krasnov A.E., Krasnikov S.A., Nikolaeva S.V., Karpov V.I., Akhmedova H.G., Sartakov M.V., Rysin M.L.]
Improve the reliability of the identification of safety signs according to their luminescent spectra
37. Molodtsova Yu. V. Development of general models of information analysis received during the conduct of information and analytical research
38. Mutalimova K. B.
[Tamaeva F. A., Sheikhmagomedova Z.A.]
Minimally invasive interventions, as one of the stages of the algorithm for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases
39. Osipov A.L.
[Trushina V.P. ]
Information technology in the prediction of lipophilicity of chemical substances
40. Panin V.A.
[Privalov A.N, Bogatyreva Yu.I.]
Application of game theory to optimize parallel computing when modeling the strength characteristics of products of additive technologies
41. Pankina K.E. Actual issues of the task of developing unmanned vehicles
42. Perelyaev S.E.
[Zhuravlev V.Ph. ]
3-D micromachined spherical shell resonators: implementation vision
43. Ragimova N.K.k. The role of information technology in legal practice
44. Safonova I.E. On the issue of computer system security assessment
45. Serebryakova J.O.
[Polesskiy S.N., Korolev P.S., Tseplina A.E.]
Overview of traveling wave’s tubes reliability models
46. Sermiagin D.A. Development of automated system for monitoring parameters of low-pressure tires in operation
47. Shavaleeva D.N.
[Salimova A.I.]
Enterprise architecture for Industry 4.0: proposed solutions and production data for togaf-based modeling
48. Sobolevskaya I.N.
[Sotnikov A.N, Kirilov S.A.]
An example of the formation of a digital exhibition space with the means of the virtual exhibition "Anthropological Reconstructions. M.M.Gerasimov's scientific heritage"
49. Starykh V.А.
[Mukhamedzyanov G.I.]
Profiles of information security standards in the compliance processes
50. Stasyshin V.М.
[Svilpova A.D.]
Analysis of educational data to improve business processes at university
51. Tamaeva F.A.
[Sheikhmagomedova S.A., Mutalimova K.B., Omarova D.O., Akhmedova Z.M., Gadzhieva M.Kh.]
Interdisciplinary integration in the diagnosis of breast diseases
52. Telnov G. G.
[Bogodistova E. S.]
Interactive experiments with printers and plotters in real and virtual environment
53. Telnov G.G. On the issue of assessing the reliability of computing systems
54. Tikhomirova T.M.
[Sukiasyan A.G.]
Assessment of the treatment efficiency based on the patients’ state of health
55. Tikhonov G. V.
[Tikhonov Grig. G., Tikhonov Georg. G.]
Socio-economic essence of adaptive processes into small industrial enterprises
56. Trubina I.I. Some approaches to monitoring in a virtual learning environment
57. Trushina V.P.
[Osipov A.L.]
Conduct of scientific research in chemistry with the help of information technologies
58. Utkin B.V.
[Semchankova K.V., Tarasov S.E., Zhukov I.A.]
Stand for experimental study of stepper motors with a user interface
59. Voronkova D.K.
[Voronkov A.S., Pilipchak A.M.]
Destination features and conduct of a comprehensive computer forensic and video technical expertise
60. Yasulova Kh. S.
[Shihiev Sh.B., Zagidova U.Sh.]
Structuring syntax by morphological features
61. Zhadnov V.V. Account of the operation model of electronic components in statistical modeling
62. Zolotukhina M.A.
[Zolotukhin S.A.]
Investigation of cells for mounting and functioning when working in the signal processing unit