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1. Fedoseev S.V. Software tools for developing smart contracts
2. Abramenko D.A.
[Bushmeleva K.I.]
The main stages of designing an information system for managing franchising activities
3. Akhmedova M.G. Traditions and innovations in the system of modern Russian education
4. Akhromeshin A.V.
[Agureev I. E.]
Information support of transport mobility of the population
5. Andriyanov N.A.
[Lutfullina A.A., Andriyanov D.A.]
Combat with visual attacks in face recognition tasks
6. Barkov S. S.
[Ovchinnikov S. A. ]
Methodological aspects of intelligent decision support systems audit in the knowledge-based production facilities
7. Bogatyreva J.I.
[Nikolaeva A.M., Sitnikova L.D.]
The use of virtual reality technology in the process of proffesional training of future teachers
8. Bogodistova E.S.
[Loshakov M.A.]
Forming ideas on the control languages for printing devices in the educational process
9. Boyko D. V. Wearable gamma detection device
10. Bulakh D.A.
[Sharaeva V.P., Bobkov V.D., Smirnova T.V.]
Development of an internet site for research and practice conference of high school students
11. Bulakh D.A.
[Kotlyarov M.S., Mikhaylova E.A., Korshunov A.V., Ilin S.A.]
Two-step algorithm for standard cells identity search in ic layout
12. Degtyarev Y.A. On the issue of transferring application software developed for the windows operating system to a cross-platform environment
13. Ermishin D.K. Characteristics of operational amplifiers
14. Gasanbekova Z.A.
[Gasanguseinova Zh.A., Isaeva Z.U.]
Surgical aspects of the treatment of trophoblastic neoplasia. Mistakes. Dangers. Complications
15. Gavrilenko A.V.
[Bushmeleva K.I., Gavrilenko M.T.]
A new approach to aircraft flight technology for detecting gas leakage from pipelines
16. Gavrilov D.A.
[Lovtsov D.A. ]
Method of stabilisation of a visual information flow in an optoelectronic device
17. Gorlov N. I. Optical reflectometry based on the principle of separation of the differencr frequency of the brillouin scattering spectrum
18. Gudkov D.P.
[Antonov K.M., Pinkovskaya S.V.]
Developing innovative business models in the context of changing consumer behavior following the Covid-19 pandemic
19. Ivanov V.S.
[Andreev I.S.]
Comparison of trunking communication standards
20. Ivаnоv G.I.
[ Аrtаmоnоv D.О., Grаchеv N.N.]
Mоdеl оf аdаptivе mаtchеd filtеring undеr thе impаct оf nаrrоwbаnd intеrfеrеncе
21. Kalimullina O. V.
[Pinkovskaya S.V.]
Development of the creative potential of students with the help of the "Boiling Point" as a new model of teaching at the university
22. Katasonova G.R.
[Shkrum A.S.]
Negative consequences of the globalization of information educational space
23. Khadzhiyskaya E.Yu.
[Pokrovskaya M.V.]
TDLAS technology in the design of a device for assessing the humidity of natural gas
24. Khamazyuk M.V. Non-contact system for metal surface thickness measurement
25. Kirov A.V. Development of a methodological approach to assessing the quality of services at the stages of the product life cycle
26. Klimenko R.G.,
[Kravets A.G., Strukova I.V., Tatarova N.I.]
Analysis of people's fascinations for computer games
27. Komakhina A.V. Prospects for the development of digital business transformation in Russia
28. Kuncevich K.V. Quadcopter control device
29. Kuvshinchikov A.M.
[ Ivanov I.A.]
Control system for automatic maintenance of the microclimate in the greenhouse complex
30. Larina T.B.
[Filipchenko A.S.]
Features of operations parallelization in RPA systems
31. Larina T.B.
[Filipchenko A.S.]
Experiments with multi-threaded processing in RPA robin
32. Loginov A. A.
[Kulagin V. P., Muravyev N. D.]
Applied software package for modeling and analysis of Petri nets
33. Luu Ngoc Tien
[Nguyen Cong Duc, Nguyen Van Tuan, Nguyen Viet Dang ]
Acoustic emission signal analysis and artificial intelligence methods in machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis: a review
34. Medennikov V.I.
[Flerov Y.A.]
COVID-19: New problems of the efficiency of the use of information scientific and educational resources of agrarian universities
35. Medennikov V.I. Agricultural research institutions response to new business demand due to the pandemic
36. Murashkina T. I.
[Badeeva E. A. , Kukushkin A.N. , Arutyunov A.V. , Ayupova F.S., Motin A.V. ]
Features of microlens formation at the radiating end of the optical fiber
37. Mutairov Sh.I.
[ Bushmeleva K.I. ]
Method and algorithms for organizing joint activities of participants in the educational process
38. Naumchik N.A. Algorithm for grouping subjects of preloading data of a resource for prompt provision of information
39. Nguyen Cong Duc
[Nguyen Van Tuan, Luu Ngoc Tien, Nguyen Viet Dang. ]
Ultrasonic method for diagnosing defects on printed circuit boards of radioelectronic devices
40. Nguyen Van Tuan
[Nguyen Cong Duc, Nguyen Viet Dang, Luu Ngoc Tien, Khomyakova Daria Olegovna ]
A convolutional neural network in the thermodiagnostics of electronic defects
41. Nguyen Viet Dang
[Nguyen Van Tuan, Nguyen Cong Duc, Luu Ngoc Tien ]
Using a Kalman filter to improve accuracy of determining the aircraft position during the takeoff run
42. Novikov V.S. Using CAD programs to create 3D models of electric radio elements devices
43. Osipov A.L. Prediction of the e-government development index using information technology
44. Pavlovskaya M.A. Development of automated system for evaluating the effectiveness and quality of testing students
45. Prosvetov N.I.
[Chernoverskaya V.V.]
Development of the design of the optical signal receiving device
46. Romanovskiy M.V. Digital modeling of the physical protection system of the oil and gas industry at the facilities of the multi well pad
47. Rusakova Z. N. C++ software tools for modeling artificial intelligence production systems
48. Rykunov Y.A.
[Ivanov I.A.]
Comparison of weather navigation radar stations RDR-4000 AND A882.04
49. Safonova I.E.,
[Abramov A.V., Goldovsk Ya.M., Zhelenkov B.V., Tsyganova N.A.]
The task of effective functioning of applied software systems of an open integrated digital environment for ensuring transportation
50. Safronov A.A.
[Uvaysova A.S. ]
Distance learning system
51. Semenov R.E.
[Sorokin A.B.]
Сonceptual analyzer of morphological document processing
52. Semenova L. L. Distributed telecommunication complex for monitoring methane leaks from main gas pipelines
53. Shkrum A.S.
[Katasonova G.R.]
To the question of university medical education in the conditions of digital economy
54. Sokolan P.I.
[Raevskiy G.P.]
Engineering calculations of thermal influence internal elements of the power amplifier module
55. Solomko Yu.S.
[ Sotnikov A.D., Katasonova G.R.]
Problems of polymodal interaction in distance educational technologies
56. Solovey N.E. Overview article on the PCI/104-express standart
57. Spirkin A.N.
[Beloglazov A.A., Istomina T.V.]
Using deep learning in speech interfaces
58. Suchkov A.V. Simulation modeling of distribution-summing system of solid-state transmitting device
59. Tikhomirova T.M.
[Sukiasyan A.G.]
Statistical study and modeling of child mortality in Russia
60. Tolstikov S.Y. Review internal charging code for insulation of spacecraft wires
61. Tyryshkina Y.S. Method for accelerating the operation of joining distributed datasets by a given criterion
62. Urkunov A.K.
[ Korolev P.S., Evseeva N.A., Ivanov I.A.]
The influence of negative temperatures on the reliability indicators of precision resistors
63. Utkin B.V.
[Grachev N.N., Matveev V.E., Fortuna S.V.]
Study of the mechanisms of contact radio interference on moving objects using probabilistic characteristics
64. Yussupova G.
[Ibekeyev S., Kuttybayeva A., Abdykadyrov A., Marxuly S.]
Analysis of the preliminary time series
65. Zabotnev M.S.
[Kulagin V.P.]
Applying a synthetic dataset in pulmonary vessels segmentation
66. Zhebel V.A. The concept of building an information processing and management system for automated hazardous technological processes
67. Zherebin A.V. Analysis of algorithms for controlling the processes of formation of the reference frequency