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1. Grodzensky Ya.
[Chesalin A. N.]
Statistical process control based on testing of three competing hypotheses by the method of sequential analysis
2. Popova E.M.
[Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N.]
Lossless сompression algorithm for use in telecommunication systems
3. Rozaliev V.L.
[Nikitin N.A., Orlova Yu.A.]
Automated sound generation by image color spectrum based on user ratings
4. Skvortsov M.G. Neural network diagnosis error of the transducer angle code
5. Abrosova M.Y.
[Shcheglov Y.A.]
Overcoming depth deficit in consumer knowledge and creative thinking: a training programme in innovation management
6. Aliev S.A.
[Kurbanov K.A., Magomedov S.M., Omarov K.H.]
Approaches to minimize postoperative complications in cancer patients of the esophagus and cardia, ways of their prevention and correction
7. Alimuradov A.K.
[Tychkov A.Yu., Ageikin A.V., Kvitka Yu.S., Churakov P.P., Kalistratov V.B., Mitroshina S.Yu., Tychkova A.N.]
Methods and tools for signal biomarkers detection for rapid diagnosis of psychogenic states
8. Aminev D. А.
[Kozyrev А. А., Miroshnichenko S. S., Okhlomenko I. V.]
Constructive modification of Geos-3M demo board for direct data exchange with navigation module
9. Avdeuk O.A. Metrological analysis of system interface interconnects complex information-measuring systems
10. Avdeuk O.A.
[Avdeuk D.N., Harlanova T.S.]
Computer courses for people of retirement age
11. Avdeuk O.A.
[Prihodkova I.V., Pavlova E.S., Lemeshkina I.G.]
Olympiad as a form of identifying gifted pupils and students
12. Badrutdinov M.M.
[Isaev S.N]
Tabs for restoration of the anatomical shape of the teeth as an innovative alternative for restorative composites
13. Baluyan S.R. Multimedia technologies in foreign language teaching: digital storytelling
14. Baranov A.V.
[Tagaev A.V.]
Building a regional system of information and analytical support for complex business services on the basis of centers “My documents”
15. Basargin A.V. Study of key methods and technologies of improving the efficiency of management of the state purchase process
16. Batyrov M.U. Development of the multi-camera video shutting set-up based on IP-streaming devices
17. Belousov A.V.
[Gvozdevskiy I.N.]
Explanding the capabilities of information systems for managing distributed objects using semantic structires
18. Bolelov E. A. The use of modern IT-technologies in aeronautical and meteorological support of flights of aircrafts of civil aviation
19. Brodsky Yu.I. Model-Oriented programming – CAD methods in simulation modeling
20. Brostilov, S. A.
[Brostilova, T.Yu, Goryachev, N. V.]
Metrological analysis of measuring subsystem information measuring system for research funds air cooling
21. Btikova A.E.
[Shikulsky M.I.]
Information system of team building in rowing sport
22. Bulakh D.A.
[Kuraedov V.I., Skripnichenko V.A.]
The use of augmented reality in educational process for visualization of 3D semiconductor structures
23. Bushmelev P.
[Bushmeleva K., Uvaysov S.]
Automated control systems and condition monitiring main gas pipeline
24. Bushmeleva K.
[Nedopeka A.]
Using DLP security in automated systems of cargo delivery
25. Butenko D. V. Cognitive conceptual model of financial and economic stability of the enterprise
26. Chernodarov A.V. State estimation of observable dynamical systems on the basis of nonquadratic cost functions
27. Chertovskikh E.O.
[Gabets A.V., Markov A.M., Okolovich G.A., Gabets D.A., Komarov P.N.]
Large parts heat treatment schedule improvement
28. Chulkov V.E. Perspectives of development of modern drilling assembly’ positioning systems
29. Dementiev A.N.
[Kolesnikov S.M. Trefilov D.N., Vetrova V.V., Selenya K.A.]
Application of singular integral equations for the simulation of cylindrical reflector antennas
30. Derenok A.N.
[Shvetsov А.V., Chulkov N.A.]
Modern problems of management of safety in the organizations
31. Devlikanova S.S.
[Korolev M.A., Kozlov A.V., Krasukov A.Y.]
Using mathematical modeling to analyze the SOI field-effect hall sensor
32. Dianov V.N.
[Lyuminarskaja E.S.]
Improving the quality of communication devices with the object
33. Dianov V.N.
[Lyuminarskaja E.S.]
Intelligent diagnostics in THE WI-FI networks
34. Dolgov A.Y. Method of multivariate adequate mathematical simulation based on operative check data
35. Domracheva A. B.
[Belogurov A. А.]
Development of the special medical application for Android devices
36. Dzierżak R.
[Maciejewski R., Uhlig S.]
Usage of application Osirix in the evaluation of the aortic contractility in patients examined by computer heart tomography
37. Elesin A.I. Development of a speech to text module to provide subtitles for live video
38. Filatov S.Y. Predictive text input methods for inflected languages
39. Finogeev A.G.
[Finogeev A.A.]
Distributed multi-agent sensor data processing in the wireless sensor network
40. Gabets A. V.
[Gabets D.A., Markov A.M.]
Special modified cast iron brand CHMN-35M for heavy-loaded parts of freight-car truc
41. Gasanbekova Z.M.
[Isayeva Z.U., Aliev S.A.]
Diagnosis of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia
42. Gorokhova-Alekseeva A.V. Development of a system for re-streaming live video to multiple platforms
43. GorshkovP.S.
[Potemkin A.V.]
Direction of development of decision support systems architecture for incomplete a priori information
44. Goryachev N. Structure and program-information support of an information and measuring laboratory complex
45. Grachev N.N. Diagnosis build quality designs of electronic means on the basis of the analysis and registration of parameters of electromagnetic radiation mechanical contact connections
46. Grądz Ż. Feasibility assessment of powering office buildings with photovoltaic installations
47. Gretsov M. V.
[Popov P.R., Gretsova N. V.]
Modeling the behavior of a neuron in the external field by the particle method
48. Gretsova N. V.
[Safin R. R., Gretsov M. V.]
Mathematical modeling of distribution of zeta-potential and density of a space charge in membrane layer area
49. Grigor'ev A.V.
[Ergaliev D.S. Kuzina E.A.]
Measurement of parameters of vibrations by method of combination of the trace of vibration degradation of the round tag with the virtual nomogram
50. Grigor'ev A.V.
[Yurkova E.M., Kalashnikov V.S.]
Information maintenance of semi-length and half-width of the trace of vibration degradation of the image of the round tag
51. Gritsenko Yu.B.
[Meshcheryakov R.V.]
Technology to support the design of remote control of technological processes on offshore structures and oil production facilities
52. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Kalacheva E.A.]
Information support of the enterprise QMS on basis of the PDM-technology in terms of the integrated information environment building
53. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Emanakov I.V., Ovchinnikov S.A.]
The concept of lean manufacturing and its application in the enterprise
54. Grodzenskiy S.Ya.
[Eronov D.A.]
Analysis of typical problems integration of energy management systems in manufacturing
55. Grodzenskiy Ya.S.
[Andreeva M.V.]
Sampling inspection methods for processes of quality management system
56. Grodzinskiy S.Ya.
[Fursov S.A., Kirov A.V.]
The use of technology traceability at different stages of the life cycle of electronic products
57. Guzhov V. I.
[Ilinykh S. P.]
Optimization software for digital holography in the environment of CUDA
58. Gvozdevskiy I.N. Development of methods for applying ontological knowledge models for expanding the capabilities of automated dispatching control system
59. Hadi A.Sh.
[Litvinov A.N.]
Modeling the state of circuit boards for the instrument devices at operational effects
60. Ismagilov F.R.
[Vavilov V.E.]
Computer model hightemperature starter–generatora
61. Izmaylov A.A. Miniaturized satellite antenna using artificial magnetic conductors (AMC) of VHF band
62. Karimova A. M.
[ Mammaev S. N.]
Hypotensive, metabolic and anti-inflammatory effects of bisoprolol and lisinopril in patients with metabolic syndrome
63. Karminskaya T.D New approaches of integration education opportunities, bussiness and authorities while training professonal personnel
64. Katasonova G.R.
[Sotnikov A.D.]
Innovative forms of computer science teaching in modern educational process
65. Khalyutina O.S.
[Khalyutin S.P.]
Some aspects of the aviation steering electric drive research
66. Kharitonov I.A. Multi level methodology for CMOS circuit design taking into account thermal and radiation effects
67. Kharkov V.P. The task of outputting a dynamic system to given sets of finite states
68. Kholopov I.S. A comparative analysis of color schemes for grayscale visible and infrared images color fusion
69. Khorosheva T.A.
[Karabtsev S.N.]
The use of information and communication technologies in education of persons with health disabilities
70. Kizim A.V.
[Matokhina A.V.]
Describing technical system monitoring, diagnostic and modernization methodology
71. Klimov K.N.
[Ruchenkov V.A.]
Quasi-optical distribution system for multi-beam active phased array antennas
72. Klyuchnikov A.V.
[Ilyinykh V.V., Chertkov M.S., Shagimuratov M.D.]
To the issue about slowing down of sensitivity to the industrial hindrances of a measuring system of counterbalancing stand on gas bearings
73. Kochegarov I.
[Lysenko A., Yurkov N.]
Exploration of the influence of apertures on the natural frequencies of the lamellar structure
74. Kodolov A.V.
[Abramov D.G., Molodtcov R.K., Popov F.A.]
Automated dispatching system for special chemistry production
75. Kofanov Y.N.
[Sotnikova S.Y.]
Interrelation of physical processes in a virtual model of onboard electronic means
76. Kokovin V.A.
[Uvaysov S.U.]
Choice of architecture and algorithm for data processing of embedded applications
77. Korolev D.A. A live streaming service architecture
78. Korolev P.S.
[Ivanov I.A.]
Electrical control of secondary power sources with considering thermal conditions
79. Korolev V.E.
[Kladiev S.N., Burulko L.K.]
Analysis of Electromagnetic Forces in a Self-Braking Electric Motors
80. Kozhevnikov G.S
[Demenkova T.A.]
Technology of distance learning on basis of standard applications
81. Krasnov A. E.
[Nikolskii D. N., Kalachev A. A.]
Architecture of the parallel software for the simulation of the neurosimilar cybernetic network
82. Krasnov A. E.
[Nadezhdin E. N., Nikolskii D. N., Repin D.S., Kalachev A. A.]
Neurosimilar cybernetic network
83. Kravchenko N.P.
[Stromov U.V., Chheidze A.A., Mukhin S.V.]
Analysis of possible baseband extending of the chain of coupled cavity slow-wave structures
84. Kravets A.G.
[Huong Thi Thu Nguyen, Morozov A.O., Strukova I.V.]
Methods to forecast human resources demand in hotel housekeeping service
85. Kravets A.G.
[Kireeva D. D., Krasnova A.A.]
Software for the postgraduate training and projects management
86. Kulygin V.N.
[Panasik D.S., Tatunov S.Yu.]
Optimization of the database of the ASONIK-K-SCH system for the coefficients of the models of the ERA reliability characteristics
87. Kurylev A.S.
[Ruban A.R., Shakhov V.V.]
Building 3D-design competencies in training of shipbuilding students
88. Levchenko M.N.
[Kobzeva A.N., Gorokhovskaya E.A.]
Evaluation methodology of financial status and creditworthiness of large corporate borrowers
89. Lomotin K.E.
[Kozlova E.S., Romanov A.Yu.]
Comparative analysis of classification methods for text in UDC code generation problem for scientific articles
90. Luppov V.V.
[Medennikov V.I., Muratova L.G., Salnikov S.G.]
Academician V.M. Glushkov’s ideas – foundation for development of the country’s unified information WEB space
91. Lyasnikova A.V.
[Grishina I.P., Dudareva O.A., Markelova O.A.]
A computer programme for estimating time of porous coating impregnation with liquid substances
92. Markulis S.R.
[Kondratenko A.B., Kondratenko B.A., Silina S.N., Stupin V.Y]
Information society and future education
93. Matanis V.A.
[Limarova E.V.]
Issues of education and training creative professionals: how to teach journalism in information society
94. Merkulova I.I.
[A.V. Chernodarov, A.P. Patrikeev, A.B. Borzov]
Monitoring and structural optimization of redundant inertial navigation systems built around fiber-optic and micromechanical sensors
95. Mikryukov A.
[Berketov G.]
Management problems of cloud computing resources
96. Monakhova K.V. Implementation of the sector-based system based on sensors with a narrow direction diagram
97. Morozov I.
[Kochegarov I., Gorbalysov M.]
Overview of modeling software for the structural elements piezoceramic engines
98. Mukha Yu.P.
[Avdeuk O.A.]
Bio-instrumental approach to creating information-measuring systems for medical purposes
99. Mukha Yu.P.
[Avdeuk O.A., Koroleva I.Yu.]
The problem of synthesis of complex information-rich system
100. Naumova D.A.
[Popov F.A., Shkol'nikovaM.N.]
Principles of computer-aided design of multi-component food products
101. Nazarov D.A. A software component for visual monitoring of an acceptability region discrete approximation
102. Nefedov V.I.
[Selenya K.A., Trefilov N.A.]
Analysis of the model of the microwave heating chamber
103. Nekrasov H.A.
[Romanov Yu.A.]
Development of universal device «AQUAUINO» for automation of aquarium life support
104. Nurmagomedova S.S.
[Omarova P.M., Tovsultanova Z.A., Medjidova D.R.]
Vaginal delivery with uterine scars (VDAPCS - vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section)
105. Nurmukhamedov G. M. Development of the educational process: from bloom to the present day
106. Omarov N. S.
[Musaeva D.O., Hashaeva T. H., Omarova M. Sh.]
Modern methods of treating endometrosis based on the European and Russian clinical guidelines
107. Osipov A. L.
[Trushina V. P.]
Adiabatic temperature prediction based descriptors graphs structural formulas
108. Palaguta K.A.
[Kuznecov A.V., Akimov P.M.]
Influence of vehicle information system on the state of its safety
109. Palaguta K.A.
[Kuznecov A.V., Akimov P.M.]
Influence of vehicle information system on the state of its safety
110. Panasik D.S. Comparative analysis of the results of the simulation of electronic equipment in the software packages ASONIKA-TM and SolidWorks
111. Pavlov S.I.
[Mikshina V.S., GrigorenkoV.V.]
Mathematical modeling of the patient`s conditions in cardiology based on the use of factor analysis
112. Perelyaev S.E.
[Alekhin A.V.]
Principles governing development of a solid-state wave gyroskope operating in a combined mode(Integrating Gyroscope and Angular Velocity Sensor (AVS)
113. Perfilyev V.V.
[Drize A.D.]
Application of the principles of geometric optics for the construction of distribution systems of multi-beam active phased array antennas
114. Pestryaeva S. Quantization of educational texts for foreign language teaching in a non-linguistic university
115. Petrov E.N.
[Kononova A.I., Petrova A.F.]
Raising the precision of conditional random fields method applied to bibliographical data
116. Pletnev M.A.
[Volkov N.V.]
Expert system “Diagnostic and fault removal in cars”
117. Pletnev M.A.
[Volkov N.V.]
Service for online broadcasting of presentations
118. Podgainy D.V.
[Dolbilov A.G., Korenkov V.V., Kutovskiy N.A., Mitsyn V.V., Streltsova O.I., Strizh T.A., Zrelov P.V.]
The JINR multifunctional information and computing complex
119. Pogorelovsky M.A.
[Mikshina V.S., Zaikin P.V., Nazina N.B.]
To the question of mathematical modeling of multicomponent processes of oil refining and petrochemistry-based continuous approach: preparation of input data
120. Poluarshinov P.A. Development of human tracking module for PTZ camera
121. Poryadin I.A. Method of binary classification of social networks users based on logistic regression
122. Prosekina E.K.
[Odemlyuk I.A.]
Usage of management tools to improve the quality of provided laboratory diagnostic services with help of information technology
123. Pupysheva A.A.
[Moroz D.V., Romanova I.I.]
The backup technology for financial small business selection
124. Rolich A.Y.
[Smuseva D.A., Malakhov I.Y., Zaitseva A.O.]
Software development for pre-school education using augmented reality algorithms
125. Romanova I.I.
[Romanov Yu.A.]
ICT applications and distance courses for russian language teaching and learning
126. Rozaliev V.L.
[Vybornyi A.I., Orlova Yu.A.]
Program for controling the correctness of physical exercises
127. Rozaliev V.L.
[Mikhaylov A.V., Kovalenko P.O., Kataev A.V.]
Methods of objects detection on images
128. Russkikh A.
[Bushmeleva К.]
Methods and means of visual analysis of the effectiveness of wells waterflooding
129. Rybakov P.V. Network infrastructure for “ONAIR.PRO” video broadcasting service
130. Sabirov R.A.
[Uvaysov S.U.]
Information security status analysis of automated process control systems in fuel and energy complex
131. Safonov S.N.
[Grachev N.N.]
Noise reduction device for dispatching communication systems
132. Safonova I.E. The use of queuing systems in telecommunication networks modeling problems
133. Safonova I.E.
[Lototskiy A.D.]
Software implementation of algorithms for computing the structural reliability of networks using the factorization method
134. Safonova I.E. On the question of the time models
135. Safonova I.E.
[Lototskiy A.D.]
On the estimate of the structural reliability of corporate telecommunications networks
136. Safonova I.E. Methods of optimization of preventive replacement of elements in telecommunication enterprise specialized networks
137. Safonova I.E. Evaluation of the performance parameters of large dimension network
138. Savina N.P.
[Maznev V.A., Starinsky V.V., Sivkov A.V.]
Socio-economic evaluation of the role of information technology in using grants for medical and biological research and development
139. Savzikhanov R.T.
[Koychuev R.A., Koychuev H.A, Budaychiev G.M.]
Simulation training study technologies in educational process in “Dagestan State Medical University” under ministry of health of Russian Federation
140. Sekachev V.A.
[Mucha Y.P.]
Formation of the directed count of structure of IIS according to her description in the form of the special text in the natural language
141. Sekashev V.A.
[Avdeuk O.A.]
An example of the algorithm block and functional distribution (BFD) on the example of a formula that is specified as a string
142. Selezneva I. G.
[Suhova A. S., Selezneva N. A.]
Modern technologies of management of educational activity
143. Semenkov A.E.
[Anufrieva N.Yu., Popov F.A.]
Special aspects of problem resolution of integrated informatization at a distributed technical university based on the use of cloud technologies
144. Semenov A.M.
[Semenova N.G.]
Electric power consumption forecasting on the basis of neural network and fuzzy models
145. Semenova L.А. The application analysis of the Lagrange’s method in the choice of the compensating devices power
146. Semin V.G.
[Khakimullin E.R.]
Context of risk - management the factoring
147. Shchedromirsky S.V. Special medical social network
148. Shershova L.V.,
[Malakhovskaya M.V.̽, Kuzin V.I.]
Labor market of urbanist system: approach to research of gender features of motivation of households
149. Shihnabieva E.D. Plasmolifting in the complex therapy – an innovative method of treatment of chronic generalized periodontitis
150. Shihnabieva E.D. Plasmolifting in the complex therapy – an innovative method of treatment of chronic generalized periodontitis
151. Sidorov N.
[Belaga V., Klygina K., Komarova A., Panebrattsev Yu.]
Multimedia educational resources for the JINR activities and achievements popularization
152. Sikorskiy O.S. Convolutional neural networks in image classification
153. Skripkin K.G. Organizational capital as a 3-Tier system: impact on IT implementation
154. Skvortsov M.G. Neural network assessment of the status of an autonomous robot for integrated parameter
155. Skvortsova M. A. Actual problems of development of a hybrid intelligent system of risk and threat assessment
156. Solovev D. B.
[Shadrin A.S.]
The use of innovative technology for calculating the parameters of transducers negative sequence current
157. Sorokin A.B.
[Melnikov Y.S., Kazantseva L.V.]
Situational complex for decision support
158. Sotnikov A.D.
[Katasonova G.R.]
Applied infocommunication systems definition for model design
159. Sotnikov A.D.
[Katasonova G.R.]
Info-communication system models for healthcare and telemedicine
160. Starykh V.A.
[Prokofiev D.O.]
Protected territorially-destributed learning management system
161. Storchilova T. A.
[Balakina E.V., Zotov N.M.]
Deformations of the elastic tyre and their interrelation with shifts of reactions of the basic surface
162. Streltsova O.I
[Korenkov V.V., Podgainy D.V.]
Educational program on hpc technologies on the basis of the hybrilit heterogeneous cluster (LIT JINR)
163. Sudorgin S.A.
[Lebedev N.G.]
Differential thermoelectric power of single walled carbon nanotubes simulation in external electric field
164. Suleymanova N. D. Experience in the treatment of fibrocystic disease of the breast with the use of the drug "Indinol-forto"
165. Telnov G.G. Model-based design in software development for embedded systems
166. Telnov G.G.
[Bogodistova E.S.]
Experiments with video subsystem and video timing parameters estimation
167. Telnov G.G.
[Safonova I.E.]
Probabilistic characteristics of wireless networks – bandwidth estimation and information transmission probability
168. Telnov G.G.
[Safonova I.E.]
The principle of maximum efficiency in the multi-objective optimization problems in the design of electronic computing equipment
169. Telnov G.G.
[Safonova I.E.]
The training program for adoption of design decisions in CAD/CAM systems of computing machinery units
170. Tikhonov G. V.
[Grachev N.N., Fedotova A.V., Lastochkina V.V.]
Marketing innovation as a method of innovation policy
171. Trubina I.I. Extracurricular activities in information science pave the way for relevant competencies and new technologies
172. Trushina V. P.
[Osipov A. L.]
Bayesian models in chemical and biological research
173. Urmantseva N.R. About peculiarities of mathematical modeling of cerebral circulation hydrodynamic processes
174. Uvaysova A. Creation of information-analytical system for monitoring and analysis the building object
175. Uvaysova S.
[Ivanov I., Uvaysov S.]
Clarification of rejection tolerances for electrical parameters of scheme elements with regard to temperature regime
176. Vasil`ev V. A.
[Vishnevskaya G.V., Chernov P. S.]
MATLAB application for quantum mechanical calculations
177. Vasil`ev V. A.,
[Artemov I.I., Bardin V.A., Chernov P. S.]
Piezo actuators and piezo motors for iformation and control systems
178. Vinitsky D.A.
[Alyautdinov A.R., Romanov A.Yu.]
Development of a remotely controlled hexapod robot
179. Volkov N.V.
[Pletnev M.A.]
The development of software which can allow carrying out educational and parenting process on the internet for children
180. Volkova L.L.
[Kalgin Yu.A., Lanko A.A.]
On automated estimation of students’ sentences translation quality
181. Volkova L.L.
[Stroganov Yu.V.]
On Russian method of handicraft education: algorithmization and programming basics for hard-of-hearing students
182. Vyskub V.G. Сontrol for optomechanical scanners with elastic links
183. Zakalukina L.
[Trusov V., Yurkov N.]
Using laser treatment in modern manufacturing
184. Zanin А.
[Bushmeleva К.]
Telemeasurements verification in control system of complicated structures by examle of JSC so UPS
185. Zelinskaya S.S.
[Piskaev K.Yu., Sharunova O.M.]
Correction algorithm of deployed function of a sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter in alternating weighting function implementation
186. Zhadnov V.V.
[Panasik D.S.]
Analysis of the storability characteristics of electronic components
187. Zhurkov A.P.
[Aminev D.A.,Petrosjan P.A., Plaksin A.N.]
Methodic for diagnosing of local dispatch center of radio direction finding system
188. Zijadova D.Z. Methods of youth-aged women’s involvement in the Commission of terrorist crimes via media
189. Zotov A.N.
[Kulygin V.N.]
Algorythms for creating and filling databases for reliabilty prediction systems