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1. Aseeva S.D.
[Aseeva E.N., Avdeyuk O.A., Marchuk D.V.]
Methods of assessing the activity of a university professor
2. Avdeuk O. A.
[Druzhinina L. V., Lemeskina I. G., Pavlova E. S., Prikhodkova I. V., Koroleva I. Yu.]
The algorithm of preparing students to participate in olympiads in informatics
3. Druzhinina L.V. Analysis of errors in the process of using neural networks to normalize signals
4. Grodzenskiy Ya.S.
[Fursov S.A., Kirov A.V.]
Quality management system: history, problems and perspective
5. Izmaylov A.A. Miniaturized satellite antenna using artificial magnetic conductors (AMC) of VHF band
6. Mukha Yu.P.
[Avdeuk O.A., Koroleva I.Yu.]
Metrological estimation of the measurement error in the structural and analytical design of complex measurement systems
7. Osipov A.L.
[Trushina V.P. ]
Computer system for constructing the function of efficiency
8. Polyakov V.S.
[Avdeuk O.A., Naumov V.Yu., Pavlova E.S., Skvortsov M.G. ]
Representation of algorithms in matrix-predicate form for solving the problem of synthesis of information-measuring systems
9. Trushina V.P.
[Osipov A.L.]
Information technology forecasting of danger classes on mobile devices
10. Zhadnov V.V. Model of electronic components failures for use in simulation